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Ready to Find Meaningful Work That Aligns With Your Values?

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    You don’t need an extra degree to start living a fulfilled life; doing what you love.

      In this book you'll learn

    • Why most people who want to find fulfilling work that aligns with their Christian values get stuck and fail

    • The critical steps to discovering your God-given gifts which also enables you to take massive actions

    • How to discover an intercession between your expertise (even if you don’t consider it such) and what other people are desperately looking for.

    • How to start using your unique gifts to help not just a few but hundreds, thousands and someday millions while making a good living from it.

    • The difference between telling you what to do and showing you a new way of thinking that will create that permanent change in your life and much more.

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    "This book has given me a new perspective towards how I can easily create a business around my God-given gifts and how to embrace my uniqueness while staying true to my Christian values. I highly recommend for those seeking meaningful work within the context of their Christian identity.."

    Jackie A.

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